Our crimping services offer consistent, high quality, and closely monitored crimp processes and quality control to ensure top quality wire harnesses you can depend on.

We have a wide selection of terminal crimp tooling on hand for your project, if we have the tooling required for your project in our inventory we can save you money!  We also offer very inexpensive options for custom tooling if we don’t happen to already have a tool to fit your job.  Custom crimp tooling can be procured in as little as two weeks and we will perform all maintenance and adjustments for your tooling going forward at no charge to you.

Our semi-automatic presses are perfect for high mix / low volume manufacturing and we can produce the highest quality crimps with minimal setup time or cost.  All jobs are run through our thorough quality assurance procedures to monitor crimp quality, before, during, and after your job.  Quality reports are available as an additional service if you want them.

In addition to our semi-automatic presses we do also have a wide selection of hand and pneumatic crimp tools for specialty jobs and terminal types.  We can do large battery lugs, or odd shaped flag terminals with these specialist tools and many other types of jobs if you require.

Finally, we are setting up a fully automated press that can produce high volume harnesses with unmatched efficiency to ensure we can offer you the lowest prices possible.  Our semi automated and fully automated presses are also outfitted with industry leading crimp force monitoring equipment in addition to our standard quality processes to ensure every single harness you receive is perfect.

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